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    Arcturus Morningstar is the community project for Arcturus Emulator by TheGeneral. The community project was made because the Arcturus Emulator has been abandoned by TheGeneral with lack of updates, an intent to monetize the project, and make the project private. TheGeneral's own words were "dont like it then dont use it". We did not like what he was doing, with the project, so in accordance with the GPLv3 License, we have made our own version and made the source code publicly visible for all. We try to keep the project as up to date as possible with both bug fixes and features. Anyone may contribute to the project by downloading the source, and creating pull requests through the Krews git. We are still keeping the core values of Arcturus the same: it should be an exact Habbo replication, with a powerful Plugin API for customization. We have removed all exploits/potential exploits left from Arcturus, and fixed the bugs that crash the entire emulator. All reported bugs will be replicated and prioritized and fixed according to how the ability should function on Habbo. Because we have a team of contributors, there's plenty of people to help you if you experience problems. Morningstar in action: Horse Riding | Teleport Physics | Bed Rotations | Battle Banzai Grid Locking | Wired Games 2.4.0 RC-2 is the most current version available. RC, standing for Release Candidate, is a tidied version from the development branch, but not quite stable enough for release. Using these builds means we can find and squash any final bugs, and get a stable release. 2.4.0 will include a new, cleaner and hopefully speedier database for new installs, and a catalogue just like Habbos. Thank you to the following people: Kitt Mustang Pietro Giuseppe D'Amico Jesús Hernández Robson Nascimento Michaeldavid ynniV Hackerman Lucas Gundelach Begin SenpaiDipper Ridge Oliver Rasmus Remco Necmi Mike Dome Credits to Beny, John, Alejandro, Harmony and all bug testers and everybody who has helped. And last, but certainly not least, TheGeneral. Krews.org arcturus.dev Latest Morningstar Releases Official Plugins (includes Builders Extended, Apollyon and more) Remember: 2.4.0 RC-2 is an RC Build. It is based on the dev branch and may not be stable for production use. If you find it too problematic, revert to 2.3.2. 2.4.0 RC-2 Changelog: Download 2.4.0 RC-2 HERE! (P.s if you liked this, please donate to Ridge here.) New To Arcturus? Download the SWF Files here! Our new Base database git is located here, and is always getting updates! Thanks to Ridge for writing this.
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    Description Blizzard Plugin contains Habbo Colored Usernames for Arcturus Morningstar versions equal or higher to 2.4.0 RC2, also contains a command execution event that handles multiple options to customize your bubble alerts, a prize command for GameMasters. Content Commands SetColorName (:color <colorName>) ReloadColors (:update_colors) PrizeCommand (:prize <username> <prizeID> Events UserTalksEvent UserExecutedCommand OnHabboLogin HabboPurchasesCatalogItem Item Interactions InteractionColorUsername Details Colored Names For this feature it's necesary the following tables: colors table users_colors table users_purchased_colors table Color Name Interaction Interaction Type: color_name Create an item_base with the following name: color_name*[colorID] Example 'color_name*3' Ensure that purchasable column in colors is enabled, otherwise an error will occur. Color icon in catalogue: go to hof_furni and create a color_name_[colorID]_icon.png Example 'color_name_3_icon.png' DON'T forget to add your custom furni to furnidata_xml. Sprite ID is important. Command Logger Bubble Alerts This feature has multiple options and will be saved in your emulator_settings table. The following options are: blizzard.command.logger.enabled: Enable/Disable Command Logger blizzard.command.logger.minRank.toLog: Set the min_rank to trigger the alerts. blizzard.command.logger.minRank.toView: Set the min_rank to view the alerts. blizzard.command.logger.self_log: Enable/Disable the user to view the alert he/she triggered. (minRank.toView ONLY) blizzard.command.logger.image: Bubble Alert image (Supports %username% to trigger avatarimage GENERATOR) blizzard.command.logger.ignore_commands: Set the commands that will NOT trigger the alert. Example: cmd_teleport;cmd_sit;cmd_warp Also a permission is created: acc_blizzard_override_logger: Whatever rank that has this permission, will NOT trigger the alert. Prize Command Game Masters Command Let's say you want your Staff to give a certain amount of 'credits', 'pixels', 'duckets', 'diamonds' etc.. on any event. This is YOUR command. Prize command give the owner the possibility to create a prize setup for his staff For example, he wants to give 15 credits + 10 Diamonds to any event winner. He will trigger the following command: :prize Stankman 1 Which translates to Prize Winner Stankman PrizeID 1 In your emulator_settings you can setup these kind of prizes just as follows: KEY: 'prize.[ID].cmd_give_prize' VALUE: [AMOUNT];[TYPE]&&[AMOUNT];[TYPE];[AMOUNT];[TYPE]&&..&&[AMOUNT];[TYPE] VALUE EXAMPLE: 5;-1&&10;5 5 Credits + 10 Diamonds TYPES: -1 = Credits Any Other Point Type = Use your currency values TEXT VARIABLES: %prizename%: uses your emulator_texts seasonal currency names. %username%: Habbo triggering the command %winner%: Event Winner %random%: Bubble Alerts AvatarImage Generator NO Cache ALL TEXTS ARE CUSTOMIZABLE VIA EMULATOR_TEXTS Downloads SQLs: GIT URL: Blizzard Repository GIT RELEASE URL: Blizzard 1.2.0
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    Wym? I just added the variables %username% and %random% for those who have an avatarimage generator working with usernames just as follows: http://localhost/habbo-imaging/avatarimage/Stankman.png Then in your settings you would just modify 'blizzard.command.logger.image' as: http://localhost/habbo-imaging/avatarimage/%username%.png?%random% The %random% variable is to prevent cache in case that the user changes his look, then the imager will take his new look.
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    Did you run the sql?
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    Windows: https://www.mediafire.com/file/m4b8htisvaq1xjn/wand-1.0.0-win-x64-Setup.exe/file Mac: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ygq4846uouhbpnp/wand-1.0.0-mac-x64.zip/file Plugin: https://www.mediafire.com/file/f1cxeuor4wrwxww/Wand-java-1.0.jar/file What does it do?: Connect to your hotels emulator, send Hotel Alerts, ban users, coins etc How to use this?: Edit your emulators config.ini allow the connecting IP to rcon.allowed= Install the plugin Find your connecting IP here: https://www.ipchicken.com/ You'll need to restart your emulator after adding your ip. I'll add more commands if they are requested!
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    @Harmonic @Cam @Gizmo You were correct, I've reuploaded the plugin with a fix for the update navigator button
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    Hey man, so at the side of intellij you'll see a tab that says maven, click it and you'll see the project, click install and it'll package it into a jar file
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    Copy: hotelview.zip to your c_images directory within the hotelview folder (sis idk if it archived like tht) Add: https://hastebin.com/umupaxadix.ini to your external_variables (or override) Replace "layout_view_default_dynamic_layout" (habbo-1516.bin in arcturus swf) bin with: https://hastebin.com/odesecofef.xml Preview of us US set: View of everything in the archive:
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