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  1. Hello people, today I came to share a software that I developed to insert automatic SQL's directly in your db. P.S: It is configurable according to your emulator. Configure in config / config.ini. It will generate the furnidata and SQL logs in sqls and the latest file. Insert the furniture in the swf folder and then generate it in the program Bugs and / or doubts please call me on discord: Santosl2c#6971 Sorry for my terrible English, I'm Brazilian. Download: mega
  2. Hello guys, a while ago I developed a software that automatically placed the furniture for me on DB, and today I decided to share it with you. * It inserts with the last ID (if you want to change the id you will insert, it is possible), * it is possible to create a page * and it is possible to change the page that will be inserted into the furniture. I will not extend much, I will just show some prints and to use it is very simple, just configure with your mysql. Any bug report me on discord: Santosl2c#6971 Download: Mega
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