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  1. Junx

    proof krews has SJW mods

    I don't love Krews after the way I was treated. Your discord has more of a chance at being banned for "game cheats" since thats what habbo retros are considered.
  2. Junx

    proof krews has SJW mods

    He complained the image was disturbing then @everyone to vote on it, like if you thought it was disturbing why would you bring everyones attention to it? It was a case of virtue signalling.
  3. Junx

    proof krews has SJW mods

    You warned me 3 times for the same fkin thing...
  4. Junx

    proof krews has SJW mods

    Nah I have more of a structure than "edgy meme bad, must ban".
  5. Junx

    proof krews has SJW mods

    Are you a publisher or a platform?
  6. Junx

    proof krews has SJW mods

    You banned someone for 1 image and because they stood up for themselves. Thats why I'm making an issue.
  7. Junx

    proof krews has SJW mods

    then just fucking delete it and move on, your the ones who made a massive issue out of it.... they already moved it out of drama to spam...
  8. now make one for effects that changes the IDs too
  9. Making fun of something that happens to EVERY race = racist? inb4 thread deleted by sjw mods kek
  10. Junx

    Hi, I'm Fate

    Do you have any cute malaysian gfs for sale?
  11. Yes, his staff acc is unbanned https://www.habbowidgets.com/habinfo/hhus-bd299448daa60086cd1bc109b7374e19
  12. Since Ridge closed his site heres his cheat sheet showing all the SWF styles
  13. your site is down? @Ridge
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