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  1. Bill


    Welcome to the forum!!!
  2. I believe he helped Sulake make it harder for us, and is probably helping do the same for Habbo 2020.
  3. Bill

    Hi, I'm Fate

    Welcome to the forum!
  4. Maybe @Harmony can assist?
  5. Welcome to the forum!!!
  6. It's literally the most rude
  7. Bill

    Is Nitro a scam?

    im a piece of shit tbh
  8. Added! https://krewsforum.net/forum/77-team-recruitment/
  9. Is it linked with Krews? https://krews.org/account
  10. Bill

    stop ddosing us

    yall so ANNOYIN
  11. instant? idk theres a few steps and thats a lot of work
  12. Warnings & Actions You may receive a warning if you break any of the Krews Rules. When receiving a warning you will accumulate a certain number of points. After receiving so many points certain actions will be taken on your account. Below you will find a list of warnings and how many points each one will give you, along with the actions that will be taken after reaching certain thresholds. Points expire after 30 days. Warning Types Doxing - 10 Points Discrimination - 7 Points Offensive Post - 2 Points Wrong Section - 1 Point Offtopic - 1 Point Repeated Thread - 1 Point Thread Bumping - 1 Point Showing Authority - 1 Point Actions 3 Points - 1 day mute 5 Points - 3 day ban 7 Points - 30 day ban 10 Points - Permanent Ban Moderators reserve the right to deviate from the above warnings & actions when deemed necessary.
  13. Bill

    rules Bounties

    Bounties Rules All Krews Rules also apply to this section You must honor any agreements you make You must not scam another member
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