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imaging The General's Habbo Imager - Java

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Re-release of some of the stuff I use & have backups of

I'm going to release some of my favorite and useful tools The General has created in the past to use with Arcturus or whatever server you may use. This inparticular is an Habbo Imaging, aka the user imaging which you use in your websites. Since The General has officially quit I will be re-releasing some of his stuff for everyone to enjoy. The images show such as;


Quick backstory and explanation

This imager was a gem that The General created using Java and was limited to use with Arcturus Emulator (and Morningstar). It was originally created to make an alternative to the PHP imager, which most retro's currently use. However, he decided to keep it private after the long development process. The only way you could get this was by paying for it. Before the release, only ones who had this was @Harmonic, @Oliver321 and The General himself. Later on Harmonic and The General had some "differences" and it became available to everyone, thanks to Harmonic's release 😛. Example of it in-use: https://imaging.cloudhotelli.net/habbo-imaging//avatar/?figure=fa-1212-110.lg-3391-110-1408.ch-7414-1408.ca-8357-63.ha-5586282-1408-1408.hd-209-1391.hr-828-58.sh-1935-92&direction=2&gesture=sml&size=l.

How it works?

1. The compiled jar by default uses a whitelist. This means you'll have to edit the domains you use for the imager in order for it to actually work. You can use Recaf for the editing of the JAR without actually having to compile the source. Example by lovely Quackster below:

2. You need to have an independent domain, like I have imaging.DOMAIN for it. The imager uses port :8880 to run the server on. I use IIS, so below is an image on what you have to do there. This is the most important step. You only need to add a routing for your domain (aka port 80) so its linked between your server and domain.



3. After whitelisting your imaging domain edit config.ini. This part is really simple, all you have to do is connect it to the same database your Morningstar is on. You can change the connection port for it, just make sure its not 80 or anything else that is in use.

4. Start the bad boy up! This will take a while, so don't stress. If all goes correct, this line will be the result:

1. Do not close the console If you aren't updating it (AKA adding new clothing and such).
2. This works on SPRITES. You will need to get a dumper for it. Try #bounties or code your own, or ask help in #support.

Download links
Compiled package (by Harmonic): https://www.mediafire.com/file/2l7535984yi6rk2/imager.zip/file
Source (decompiled & released by Quackster): https://github.com/Quackster/HabboImager
Recaf If you don't want to compile or mess around: https://www.coley.software/Recaf/


  • Habbo - original imaging
  • The General - this imaging
  • @Harmonic original release
  • @Quackster for redirecting to Recaf & decompiled source
  • @Oliver321 re-release and tutorial



Edited by Oliver321

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