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Arcturus Morningstar 2.4.0 RC-1 Release Thread

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Arcturus Morningstar is the community project for Arcturus Emulator by TheGeneral.
The community project was made because the Arcturus Emulator has been abandoned by TheGeneral with lack of updates, an intent to monetize the project, and make the project private.

TheGeneral's own words were "dont like it then dont use it". We did not like what he was doing, with the project, so in accordance with the GPLv3 License, we have made our own version and made the source code publicly visible for all.

We try to keep the project as up to date as possible with both bug fixes and features. Anyone may contribute to the project by downloading the source, and creating pull requests through the Krews git.
We are still keeping the core values of Arcturus the same: it should be an exact Habbo replication, with a powerful Plugin API for customization.

We have removed all exploits/potential exploits left from Arcturus, and fixed the bugs that crash the entire emulator.
All reported bugs will be replicated and prioritized and fixed according to how the ability should function on Habbo.
Because we have a team of contributors, there's plenty of people to help you if you experience problems.

Morningstar in action:
Horse Riding | Teleport Physics | Bed Rotations | Battle Banzai Grid Locking | Wired Games

2.4.0 RC-1 is the most current version available. RC, standing for Release Candidate, is a tidied version from the development branch, but not quite stable enough for release. Using these builds means we can find and squash any final bugs, and get a stable release.

2.4.0 will include a new, cleaner and hopefully speedier database for new installs, and a catalogue just like Habbos.

Thank you to the following people:

  • Kitt Mustang
  • Pietro Giuseppe D'Amico
  • Jesús Hernández
  • Robson Nascimento
  • Michaeldavid
  • ynniV
  • Hackerman
  • Lucas Gundelach
  • Begin
  • SenpaiDipper
  • Ridge

Credits to Beny, John, Alejandro, Harmony and all bug testers and everybody who has helped.

And last, but certainly not least, TheGeneral.



Latest Morningstar Releases

Official Plugins

(includes Builders Extended, Apollyon and more)

Remember: 2.4.0 RC-1 is an RC Build. It is based on the dev branch and may not be stable for production use. If you find it too problematic, revert to 2.3.2.

2.4.0 RC-1 Changelog:


-Added RC4 Crypto Support - Mikee
-Banzai Pucks now work in corners - Narzo
-Stickies now have a max amount per room, configurable in db - John
-Patched a vuln in ChannelReadHandler - zgrav
-Fixed Rare Monsterplant seeds - zgrav
-Fixed a disconnect in mod tools when using them in public rooms - zgrav
-Made homerooms act like habbo, only send you to them if you are a new user (configurable, by default everyone is sent to homerooms) - John, zgrav
-Fixed WiredEffectTriggerStacks NPE - John
-Removed custom wired into a plugin - John
-Fixed room blocking - TheJava , John
-New logging that shows composer names when debugging and looking at packets - Mike
-Fixed chatlog timestamps - Swirny
-Fixed water tiles using 100 percent CPU when picking one up in large rooms - Mike
-Fixed Marketplace limit to 250 like Habbo - Swirny
-Fixed netty illegal referencecount - Beny
-Fixed rotating monsterplants - Beny
-Fixed incorrect height for Habbos if an item is picked up under them - Beny

Get 2.4.0 RC-1 here

Thanks to Ridge for writing this.

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