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Looking for Developers

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What I'm looking for?

Howdy! I don't think this is the right section to post in so a moderator can move it to the correct category later on as I couldn't find the correct category on this forum.

Anyway, I'm here looking for developers not just any but experienced & capable developers. The type of developers which can write code for others to understand and have up to standard code.

It doesn't matter if the person has been professionally programming or just is an amateur.

What matters is that they have a passion for always learning and improving but yet they can bring to the table when required. 

I'm currently seeking for developers which know some of these languages and are capable of using it for production:

  • C# .NET Core / Any language used for Databases preferably PostgreSQL or MySQL
  • AS3 / SWF / XML  (Not looking for people who are professional with this however someone who will be capable of changing the designs and such & also capable of adding custom furniture / clothing)
  • A Web development language (it does not matter which one but someone who will have experience with website building and designing by default we use Cosmic CMS  (PHP) which has been edited to support Plus Emulator which also is a server written in C# however in the future we're planning to use something like Falcon CMS (Python) when we see some good changes happening.
  • Web Design (It does not matter what you use for Web design as long as you know what you're doing with it. A web designers role will consist of making Pop-ups for the client making their design very much alike the rest of the existing designs so that the environment does not look different)


What is this project?

Message me to find out. 


I know in this community now-days not many are professionals and do it for the fun of it however I'm not looking for professionals I'm looking for people who can do what is needed without having spaghetti code and taking 4 days to implement a small thing. 


However people who have above standard experience with any language will get payed depending on what they do.

Or people who just want to learn more from this project are also welcome as long as they are consistent.

So I'm reaching out to see if someone who wants to work on a great project either because they are bored or need a good project to work on something which has potential this is the place for you.


Message me on Discord to get started: Parsov#1337







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I'll warn you now, Plus EMU cannot handle any RPG elements as it can barely handle general habbo emulation.

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